Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Wear Vintage: Vintage Dresses with Sneakers

If I'm being honest, it's hard to imagine wearing clothes right now because it's so darn hot and humid. However, clothes must be worn.  Flip flops are easy summer shoes, but they're not very good support (and frankly, I still find them frumpy/lazy, if I'm honest), so occasionally, I've been pairing my Converse with a cute dress. This is a great look for traveling, especially if you're going to be doing a lot of walking. Canvas is lightweight and breathable. Sneakers are also just the thing  if your pedicure is looking less-than-stellar.

images via Pinterest

1.   80s does 50s Polka Dot Dress + 70s Striped Canvas Sneakers, $24
2.  80s Floral Sweetheart Dress + Vintage Pink Keds, $24
3.  Vintage Striped Silk Dress + Vintage Striped Canvas Skimmers, $18

This look can carry you through almost any weather--or circumstance (including pregnancy!).  Being comfortable is a bonus when you look so cute!

Check out other dresses in our shop, and add your fave sneaks to the mix!


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