Thursday, July 25, 2013

Collection: Vintage Brooches

I love vintage accessories of all kinds, but brooches are on the top of my list. They add a little sparkle and flair to sweaters, blazers, and dresses.  And with so many varieties, I use them to express my personality and style.  My collection really started with a hand-me-down family piece, and now, I try to pick up a few every year. As we speak, I have a sweet little cherry brooch coming my way that didn't make it into this photo! But I'm sure I'll share it soon in an outfit post!

1. Red and White Polka Dot Flower-  Gift from Q for my birthday this year!
2.  Mini Scissors- To express my crafty side.
3.  Rhinestone Lipstick-  Because you all know how I love a red lip and cosmetics.
4.  Rhinestone Typewriter- my newest. This was a congratulatory reward to myself upon finding out my first short story is being published this fall (stay tuned!).
5.  Enamel Anchor-  Because any aspiring modern pinup girl needs a nautical brooch in her life.
6.  Pearl Flowers-  I think this came from a random grab bag of vintage costume jewelry somewhere along the line.
7. Bakelite Star Brooch-  This is actually crafted from recycled bakelite pieces. I bought it from an artist in West Virginia last summer on our family vacation.
8.  Rhinestone Lizard- a Christmas gift from my mom and dad.
9. Red Rose-  a gift from my student teaching mentor. It belonged to her mother.
10.  Round Opal Brooch- This belonged to my great grandmother, and it was handed down to me after she passed away.

I have been gifted quite a few brooches, but I have also gotten good at finding what I want on eBay and Etsy.  Be sure to check both places to find the best price and condition! It's amazing how different people will charge things for the same pretty little pin.

Besides the cherries in my near future, I'm also keeping an eye out for a 1950s umbrella--like this one, a real 1930s Bakelite animal or fruit pin (these can be absurdly expensive-$700?! Really? They aren't diamonds!), and A, M and Q monograms. Plus, I never can pass up those pretty enamel flowers from the 1960s, though I love giving those as gifts!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my collection!




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