Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shop Preview: Dresses to Impress

I have always been a lover of dresses, and when I'm shopping for vintage, they're my first stop (after shoes!).    We have a whole slew of pretty ones coming to the shop in the next couple days. Here's a sneak peek:
Column 1:  1950s Plaid Sundress w/ Pockets (XS) /// 1940s Rayon Contrast Dress (XL) /// 
1970s Gingham Sweetheart Sundress (M)

Column 2:  1970s Red Tie Sundress (M to L) /// 1960s Tent Dress w/ Pockets (great for maternity--or belted on most sizes!) /// 1980s Polka Dot Casual Dress (L)

If something is striking your fancy, just let us know...a few of these will go up today, and everything is already priced--just need to finish getting full measurements!

We are just 2 little sales away from 1500! That's an exciting number. Help us get there b he end of this month?--there's a special coupon code on our FB page for followers that goes until the end of this month (wink, wink).


1 comment:

  1. Love the red dress.
    Sweetheart is a kind of feeling.
    I wish you business is good!



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