Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Outfit Post: From the Shop / Nineties Love

I'm debating about whether or not to go on waxing poetic on the 90's here (again).  I always talk about how much I miss those days...but really, I was only 11 years old in 1994, and I do not miss that (middle school was awkward for me).  My friend Sandi is right-- the 90's would best have been experienced when we were in our later high school years or early twenties.  At least the clothes are coming back in style now...when I'm age appropriate to rock them with dark lipstick and bedhead.

dress: for SALE in the shop, clutch: for SALE in the shop, gladiator sandals: Deena & Ozzy (and my best accessory: Lyla : )

I totally wish I had some Doc Marten combat boots to wear with this dress... but it was 90 degrees yesterday so it would've been way too hot for them anyway!  I hope whoever buys this dress has some though...  Yep, the dress is for sale in the shop!  (I'm just not 100% sold on the fit of it on my body.)

I hope you're all getting as pumped for Memorial Day weekend as I am!  It's a pretty big deal around these parts... and I can't wait to have my sis here. ; )


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