Friday, May 3, 2013

A (little) Update: 20 Weeks

Whooooooaaaaaaaaa, we're halfway there....(name that tune).

I'm halfway done being pregnant! I can't believe it, really. It started out slowly, but now it's going super fast: I have all of my appointments scheduled through August, and I just did my hospital pre-registration last night. This is where it gets fun (until I get bigger and later into the third trimester in a hot, hot summer where I am told I will be miserable!).

No outfit post, but here are two silly selfies of the belly (you can follow me on Instagram @mandamiska!):

I have been thrifting some new-to-me clothes b/c none of me tees or tanks cover my belly any longer (though you can see in photo 1 that I won't be wearing that tee much longer unless I pair it with a long tank or something).

Here's what else is happenin':

The 20 Week Rundown
Baby Size:  A carrot (in length...after 20 weeks the measurement is head to toe, but prior to that, it's crown to rump!)
Feeling: Amazing! I have a lot more energy, my skin is great, my hair is growing, and I'm eating (lots!). Also:  this girl is so active, especially at night!  Q has been able to feel her if he puts his hand on my belly. I think the movements are still too subtle for Aurora, but I can't WAIT until she gets to feel/see them!
Weight gain:  I gained 2 pounds at my last appointment (but I left my boots on, so I think that still means I haven't gained, but haven't lost anymore either!). I think I'll definitely be up a few at my next appointment at the end of the month. I just *feel* bigger.
Cravings/Aversions:  Iced coffee (in moderation, of course!). Frozen yogurt with fresh mango and berries.  French fries.  Cakes/cookies (I wasn't much for sweets in the beginning of the pregnancy, but now the sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance!).
Preparations:  Once I found out we were having a girl, I started looking for a few new little things while thrifting (I've kept almost all of Aurora's nice things, so she already has a complete wardrobe, head to toe! But I think she should get some special things of her own).  Aurora chose a Teddy/blankie for her, which she was so excited about.  Aurora's Teddy goes everywhere with her (still) and gets a bath once a week.  I've also started thinking about other things we might need, especially with a seasonal difference (Aurora was born in winter, and this baby will be early fall/late summer). 

Phew, that was a big update (I realize I skipped week 19, so...there was a lot of ground to make up for!)  This weekend is Q's and my 3rd wedding anniversary.  We're going very low key with dinner and a movie and probably a walk at our favorite spot, where we had our first kiss and which has also provided inspiration for the new baby girl's middle name... (yes, I'm just going to keep teasing about it! It's the one secret I have! ha.)

Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. I saw this when you posted it but never commented. I think you look amazing pregnant. I am in awe of it and a little jealous that I didn't look this great pregnant. haha.

    1. Thank you...what's sad is that I do feel more amazing pregnant, but, of course, I can't be pregnant all the time! ha. :)



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