Monday, April 8, 2013

Outfit Post: 17 Weeks

Hellooooooo, that is.  I am panicking a little now because I feel like I don't really have transitional spring maternity clothes. Good wintry things and tons of stuff for summer when I'm huge, but spring is tough! So I'm trying to make things work.  Here's what I wore yesterday--bared my arms, but oh, my legs...not ready yet.

 Outfit details:  tee-VELVET, vest-my DIY, skirt-maternity/thrifted, tights-random, 
boots-Durango (old)

This was a pretty rock n' roll outfit, but I was comfy and felt cute, and those are the two important things when you're trying to dress  baby bump. It's still not quite filled out enough from the front to not look like I'm bloated, but that's okay. I know there's a baby in there!

The 17 Week Rundown
Baby Size:  A turnip.
Feeling: I am feeling awesome....getting to the phase where I feel energetic, have a little glow (and feel pretty most of the time), and I am pretty much eating anything that sounds good.
Weight gain:  Holding steady, but now that I'm eating regular meals, etc., I think the weight gain should begin! (Oh, joy.)
Cravings/Aversions:  Fresh pineapple. Nutella. Veggies on the grill. And I'm back to drinking a little coffee!
Preparations:  Nothing major. Doing a lot of talking and dreaming with Q. And getting so excited to find out the gender in a couple weeks!

Happy Monday! It's so much happier in the sun, isn't it?



  1. super cute! your bump is the sweetest little thing! Maybe take some of your summer maternity stuff and throw a cardigan or other sweater/pullover on top? might be good for the breezier days. You're pulling off the spring stuff well!

    1. ...since it was already 80 degrees here, I'm not sure I'll even need a spring wardrobe now! ha. ;)

      So glad to have discovered your blog...and thanks for stopping by ours! xo

  2. you look so amazing! you have the glow.

    1. You are the best...thank you! I am feeling that glowy second-trimester goodness for sure! :)

  3. You definitely have the glow!

    1. I'm feeling it for sure (but I also got a new spring blush...hehe.)

      Thank you! <3



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