Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Now Channeling: Audrey Tautou in Amélie

The movie Amélie was released in 2001, but Audrey Tautou's character has an undeniable 1940's vibe-- from her pageboy haircut to her polka dot blouses and classic trench coats.  The film is quirky and romantic and those qualities are reflected in Amélie's clothing as well.

Every time I see this movie, I fall in love with it again (I came across it flipping through channels the other night and have watched [bits and pieces of it] it twice since!).  I could never pull off Audrey Tautou's baby-bangs haircut but I would love to steal her pretty lace skirts and chunky Doc Martens....and wear them while gallivanting around Paris of course!  Here are some Etsy vintage finds that will help you channel Audrey Tautou in Amélie:

1. hunter green trench coat via Bottega Vintage 
2.  oval sunglasses via retro focals 
3.  garden gnome via West Wind Home Garden (this isn't really part of her "style"... 
you'll just have to watch the film to see what the story behind the gnome is!)
4.  deep red lace skirt via Shop Vintage Minnie 
5.  black and white polka dot blouse via rock this vintage
6.  maroon polka dot 40's dress via Miskabelle Vintage
7.  chunky black oxfords via 20 twenty vintage

If you haven't seen this movie-- you must change that!!  It is full of beautiful scenery and beautiful music and a lovely story about a girl who just happens to have a pretty amazing style. ; )


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  1. So lovely. All the polkadots!



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