Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY: Denim Vest from a Denim Jacket

Of course, we're all about re-using and re-purposing around here...and the idea of re-purposing my wardrobe is one that I love, especially because I've made it a goal not to shop for the next 9 months or so (more on that in another blog).  As I dreamed of my ideal vintage pregnancy wardrobe for this summer, I knew I wanted a denim vest (the one in my collage already sold out!). Even vintage versions are a little out of my price range, and new ones can run $70+.  But if you have an old jean jacket in your closet, you can get yourself a cheap, cool vest in about 10 minutes:  it's not rocket science!

old denim jacket
scissors OR seam ripper
sandpaper (optional for distressing)
dryer (also optional for distressing step)

1.  Decide the look you want:  if you want a clean cut off, for more of a classy/preppy vest, go for the seam ripper to remove the sleeves entirely.  If you want a more distressed look with frayed edges (or, if like me, you're not patient enough to rip at the seams!), leave about a quarter inch around the seam to fray out.
2. Go for it!  Rip or cut off those sleeves!
3. I looked to Jayme's tips for distressing denim to add a little wear to my jacket.  Take the scissors (a razor would work too) and scrape some of the denim. I chose to work on places tat might get naturally frayed like the collar and pocket edges, as well as the bottom hem.
4.  Once you've done your scraping, go over it with some sandpaper, and then throw it in the dryer. This will help bring out some of the threads (as well as begin the fraying process of your sleeves if you went that direction).

Tada! That was easy. Now I have my very own denim vest for the summer, made from something I was no longer wearing. I can't wait to rock this over my sundresses...and bump. I think I may even take some time to distress it further so it has more of a vintage vibe.

Happy DIY-ing!



  1. I think it would look lovely more distressed. I now wish I had two denim jackets to try this on one lol!


    1. I feel the same way! I think I might like to also make a super rock-and-roll vest with some vintage patches...

      P.S. Zuley, did you see you were the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway? Send us an email so we can get your info!!!



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