Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Workin' It

I have been in a bit of a winter-rut.  My solution for beating the blues is spending as much time as possible with my family (and this past weekend, friends too!) and focusing on Lyla.  Cooking good meals.  Relaxing.  Napping when I can (because snuggling up with a baby on a cold winter afternoon is divine).  But on Sunday I decided it was time to get back to work.  I sat down at my long-lost sewing machine; my Starbucks blonde roast at hand's reach and the Fiona Apple Pandora station on blast playing quietly (because miss Lyla was napping).

Please excuse the ugly tupperware bins in the background...I promise they are well-organized and full of pretty vintage clothes. 

 pretty thread.

a homemade pin cushion from sweater scraps.

I worked on one successful project (an edit on a redesign piece) and had one flop--a tote bag from scratch that I messed up the lining--then decided to call it a day because I was cursing my sewing machine into oblivion out of anger/frustration.  Sometimes ya gotta just walk away...

I suppose this post is in lieu of an outfit post.  My way of saying 'I'm still here!  I'm just choosing to be a slob and not get dressed up lately!'

Here's to Spring in just 22 days!



  1. I might be alone here, but I love these behind the scenes photos so much. It's so fun to see how other sellers store their inventory and set up their workspace. Also, you're not a slob. That scarf looks so cute! :)

    1. I like seeing others' work space too! ...and the scarf was a necessity because our water heater broke and I hadn't showered in a couple days, haha. but thanks, dear! xo

  2. Your head scarf is so cute! I'm with you on the winter-rut thing - I'm ready for spring!

    1. Thank you! It was all I could muster up to look " stylish" for my coffee run that morning. COME ON SPRING!! xo



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