Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting in the Valentine's Spirit

I am just gonna confess it: I am a terrible DIY-er.  But Aurora loves doing crafty stuff, so I try to find simple and fun things that I won't screw up so we can do them together.  Aunt Jayme sent her a little package of Valentine's Day stickers and window decals, so we spent one morning making valentines and adding a little pink and red to the house.

 Easy Valentines: I cut out the hearts (which she thought was SO COOL). She puts on the stickers.

I spy  little hearts (and a bit of snow outside...)

And onto our big project of the morning: the painting. I've seen a lot of tape/canvas paintings for kid on Pinterest, but since I'm not an artist, I don't usually have a spare canvas around the house.  I used Aurora's artist paper and some cheap (read as: not overly sticky) masking tape to make our own low-key love poster:

We had a fun morning together, and now the house looks a little more festive. Aurora has a school Valentine's Day party, but Q, Aurora, and I will actually be on the road to PA on Valentine's evening! Guess it's gonna be a romantic dinner at Sheetz for the three of us...

Do decorate for Valentine's Day or craft with your kiddos? We'd love more easy ideas to do together with little hands!

Amanda (& Aurora)


  1. aw that looks so fun. My almost 3 year old is a craft junky, its hard to always plan and execute thoughtful crafts. I like the painting idea with tape!

    1. Thank you so much! Having a toddler has made me wish I was much more crafty, so finding simple things is key. The tape idea was super easy and fun! :)

      Thanks too for stopping by our blog...can't wait to check out your as well! xo



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