Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vintage Redesigns: Preview 3

We are still working away at our vintage redesigns and are hoping to have a lookbook put together once we have 15-20 pieces to show.  But I just wanted to give another little sneak peek.
Personally I love things that are a little more raw--distressed denim, worn in boots, etc.  This blouse was fine as-is (shown below in an outfit post from last year) but I decided to remove the sleeves, leave them with their frayed edge, and add a denim collar (made from a hem I removed from a pair of too-long jeans).  The arm holes are pretty big/open so I picture it being worn with a bandeau top underneath.



I am collecting more denim scraps and button up tops in hopes of having a few of these up for grabs.  Hope you like it!



  1. So cute! And I LOVE that you used the excess from hemming jeans. I never throw any scrap fabric away. My favorite is using the 5-7 inches from shortening a dress to make a new skirt for myself.

    Can't wait to see the lookbook!

  2. Thank you! Yeah....I can never bring myself to throw out scrap fabric! You never know what you might need it for!



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