Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shop Preview: Marooned

I like when the items I'm shooting for a shop update all come together...whether it's as an outfit or a color scheme, I always feel like it's fate.  This week's photo shoot had some great maroon/burgundy/oxblood (whatever you wanna call it!) shades.

The sweater+skirt combo looks SO chic-70s!  Remember, if you see a piece you love, you can always reserve it before it goes into the shop...that's part of what previews are for, dear friends! ;)

Find some more maroon/oxblood favorites from the shop--bags! jackets! even a pair of jeans!--HERE.


P.S. We're still looking for February would really mean so much to us! We've been trying to blog regularly, respond to all of our comments, and improve the blog with each month that passes. But besides that, February is going to be AWESOME around these parts...(you'll get a little peek into that tomorrow!)


  1. Hello friend! Thank you much...I like 'em too! Now: fingers crossed for sales in February (for all of us!) xo

  2. Hi they look really nice and i love the skirt. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Anna! The skirt is my favorite piece too!



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