Monday, January 14, 2013

Shop Preview: Spring Dreams

It's a little warm here in Virginia, especially considering it's the middle of January. I'd appreciate it much more if it were accompanied by some sunshine, but I guess that's not to be. I recently found these two beauties, and even though they're not quite seasonally appropriate, they're too pretty to be left inside...

 1960s Brocade Wiggle Dress w/ Crisscross Button Detail

1950s Cotton Printed Sundress with Rhinestones on Bodice (none missing!)

One look at these pieces has me wanting to put on a pretty dress and some heels and go out on the town. But it's more likely that my next date night will involve hats, scarves, jeans, and boots.

Oh well.  Spring will be here before w know it!



  1. Wowzas! That second dress is just my taste! Love it! I can't wait for spring! It's freezing here, waaaay below zero with the windchill, and I am OVER it. xo

    1. It's sort of my bad it's the tiniest thing ever! Damn 50s waists!!!



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