Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Outfit Post: Big Scarf

Most weekends, my goal is to take photos of one outfit I wear.  It helps motivate me to get dressed and to be more creative with what I'm wearing.  But when you sit around in pajamas till 11:00 and have a two year old who needs to be home for a nap by 1:00, spending excess time perusing your closet for creative outfit ideas just isn't a good idea.  So leggings and a sweater it is...throw on a big scarf to add some inkling of style, a touch of lipstick, and out the door (and then you wait till you're back home and she's napping till you take pictures of your outfit..).

denim jacket:  Levi's, scarf:  vintage, boots: gift from Amanda

I guess the moral of the story is, those extra last minute touches are what can make a look "come together".  I mean, I'm wearing leggings as pants.  But that giant vintage scarf and go-to denim jacket make it seem like I tried a little...right??  


P.S. I've jumped on the pinterest bandwagon!  I am actually loving looking at my pretty pinboards (and would love to see yours).... so follow me and I'll follow back!  


  1. As a mama who works from home, I confess I spend waaaaay too much time in yoga pants (which, sadly, never actually get used for yoga). SO, I think you're looking great!

  2. ha! well thank you! good to know I am not alone (comfort before fashion these days!).

  3. Lovely outfits, love the color..you looks simply outstanding!



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