Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Music to our Eyes: Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis (formerly of Rilo Kiley...still in a will they/won't get back together thing, sigh) is sort of the epitome of hipster style, with her blunt bags and vintage appeal.  But I must say, I think we could credit her with being one of the original hipsters.  In the past 10 years or so, her style hasn't wavered.  She sticks with a similar haircut and similar 70's style--high waist denim, vintage tees, oversized sunglasses (with the occasional 60's mod mini).

Want to get Jenny's look?  Here are few Etsy vintage finds, with her style in mind:

1.  Bright Red High Waist Jeans  by paramount vintage
2.  Black Fedora by alexandria carter
3.  Heart Locket by shop rhubarb 
4.  White Framed Shades by vommeer vintage
5.  Nautical Scarf by miskabelle vintage
6.  Sailor Playsuit by zwzzy
7.  High Waist White Shorts by Rabbit Rabbit Vintage
8.  Navy Platform Sandals by Miskabelle Vintage
9.  Vintage Concert Tee by the get up vintage

We admire her music AND admire her style, so she is definitely music to our eyes!



  1. I ADORE Jenny Lewis and your suggested items! -Jessica L

    1. She definitely has very vintage appeal--it was hard to narrow down what pieces to choose (I found so many that looked very "Jenny"!).

  2. She is my eternal girl crush ! xo

    1. You two do have similar styles (and similar good looks!).

  3. This is an awesome collection! Thank you so much for including our Summer Jam t shirt!

    1. Thanks for checking it out! That shirt is such a great find! xo

  4. Aw I love Jenny. I met her a few years (five or six, maybe?) back when we were both shopping in the same thrift stores in Northampton, MA. I was in town to see her show that night, and when I realized she was in the same store as us, I got all geeky and needed to leave. We made our way to the next little vintage shop that was tucked down an alley way. I was trying on a dress, came out of the dressing room to show my boyfriend at the time, and she was right there! Told me she loved the dress. Of course I bought it. Then I stammered a bit about what a big fan I was and how we were excited for the show that night. I paid for my dress, and we hurried out. Stopped at the end of the alley way to take a picture of the sunlight hitting the wall across the street, and she came out. She was with a couple of her band mates (this was post Riley Kiley days) and they asked if they could tag along with us to other shops, since we seemed to know where we going. Of course we said yes. I was so nervous and shy. There was only one shop left to go, and it was CLOSED! Bummer. They said it was probably for the best as they had to get back for their sound check. I wanted to take a polaroid of/with her but I am such a dork when it comes to meeting people I admire, and I totally chickened out.

    Even though I clammed up, I still have that dress. It doesn't fit me anymore, but I will never get rid of it. Too many memories attached to it. ;)

    (And I wish Rilo Kiley would reunite. Their old albums are so fucking good.)

    1. Wow. I am officially JEALOUS. I've never seen her perform live...let alone speak to her face to face! But yeah, I probably would've been the same way (I probably wouldn't have been able to say anything at all). Lucky lucky you! Thanks for sharing that awesome story! : )

  5. She's one of my favorites ever, I did a post like this awhile back too! I have been lucky enough to see her live with Rilo Kiley and Jenny & Johnny - she is amazing!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails// fawn pendant giveaway



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