Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY: Feather Sweater

I really wanted to update this plain purple sweater somehow and my first thought was to take the popular route of the giant appliqued or felted heart on the front.  Cute...but I think that ship may soon have sailed.  Not to mention, it might be a little cutesy for my style.  Instead, I wanted to work with a graphic that was more organic.  Enter: THE FEATHER.  I love how my feather adorned sweater turned out. It actually looks like it was meant to be-- and I think the key to this is working with the same texture/grade of fabric for both your sweater and the applique you sew on it.  This was SO simple and quick.  Here's how:

It sort of puts me in mind of a letterman's sweater for some reason.  Which makes me want to do something similar on a cardigan... Such a cool way to personalize your clothes, huh?



  1. so beautiful, i like the color and the style

  2. What a great way to revamp an otherwise plain sweater! So great!

    1. Thank you! What I liked most is that it took less than 30 minutes! Fun AND quick. ha. : )

  3. Love this, it's a cool idea for an appliqué - noted! :)

  4. I love this!

  5. I've got a huge pile of old clothes that I have been saving to "do" something with...something about them makes me not want to put them in the Goodwill pile, but I haven't figured out everything I want to turn them into yet. I think this is an excellent place to start! Very creative!



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