Friday, January 18, 2013

Celebrity Looks for Less: Printed Dresses

Just wanted to share some recent favorite celebrity looks, that just so happen to have Miskabelle vintage look-a-likes.  I love when we see patterns and prints on the red carpet rather in place of solid colors.  Not everyone can pull off a print (especially a couple of  the more bold ones, seen below!) but it is definitely a way to make a statement.

RACHEL BILSON:  hot pink leopard maxi dress?  sounds pretty awful in writing...but of course, Rachel Bilson pulls it off and actually makes it look cool.  I actually think the vintage counterpart here is more wearable--the bold print being just on the top half.

RACHEL WEISZ:  in a 1950's inspired wiggle dress--fitted waist, half sleeves and pencil fit skirt.  Our Miskabelle version is obviously a different color palette, but has the same sexy fit.

Christa B. Allen:  a 90's inspired polka dot dress with short sleeves and a plunging v-neck.  Our Miskabelle version is from the 1940's so it's slightly more demure...maybe leave that top button undone if you want a lower neckline?

Have any fun plans this weekend where a fancy dress like one of these would be in order?  I certainly wish I did!  I guess I am really looking forward to just hanging out at home with the fam.  Maybe I'll try a dress on and twirl around for fun....or something.



  1. Found your blog via PonyChops! Love your blog. And I agree... I could never picture a hot pink leopard dress on anyone other than Snooki but Rachel Bilson can pull anything off.

    Summer x

  2. Great options! I love the pencil fit of the second dress.
    Penniless Socialite



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