Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vintage Gift Guide: The Vintage Virgin

Being a vintage seller, I sometimes feel a little like an evangelist, preaching the virtues of vintage even to people who are kind of creeped out by already-worn clothes.  Have a friend or family member whose interest has been piqued, but they haven't jumped on the vintage bandwagon yet?  Here are some great vintage gifts that almost anyone could love...well-made, classic and classy.

The Gifts
1.  Tribal Print Wrap Cardigan, $38.40 via BombshellsandBabes

These printed cardigans are a huge trend in modern fashion, but in the 70s they were way better made...why pay the same price for something that will fall apart in 6 months?

2.  Fedora, $19 (Steal!) via aniandrose

For a guy or a gal!  A classic hat...for vintage, look for large or extra large to be sure they will fit. Waists were smaller in the day, but from my experience with vintage hats, I think heads were smaller too!

3.  Watch Pendant Necklace, $35 via TwoMoxie

There are so many fun vintage pendant necklaces out there (actually, many modern shops use these as prototypes to design new things...), especially in the 1970s.  I love this watch piece, but if you search for _________________ pendant, (fill in the blank with a friends hobby, interest or initial) on Etsy, you can definitely find something unique!

4.  Enamel Flower Brooch, $16 via RareSpeciesVintage

1960s enamel brooches are one of my favorite things to hunt for. They're so bright and cheerful...and how could you beat the polka dots on this one?! Too cute.

5. Dooney and Bourke Leather Bag, $42 via slatevintager

A beautiful designer leather bag at an amazing price...this is another reason to buy vintage!  Bags like D&B and Coach are made to be worn in. They get better with age.

6.  Fisherman Sweater, $42 via BetaBoutique

Another pleasing piece for a male or female--a fisherman sweater is cozy and classic. It goes with everything, and you can even find it in a cardigan style (my favorites have toggle buttons or hoods!). You can also buy it a size or two larger for a slouchier look.

7.  Liberty of London Scarf SOLD LAST NIGHT BEFORE POSTING!
 But you can find a few similar styles here and here.
A vintage cotton or silk scarf makes a great gift because it's so versatile.  Liberty of London has some gorgeous prints, so you can't go wrong! Other brands to try:  Vera Neumann, Oscar d la Renta, Christian Dior, and of course, Hermes (if money's not an object!).

8.  Wrangler Denim Jacket, $65 via pineapplemint

Everyone could use a perfectly worn-in denim jacket in their wardrobe. For vintage, I love Wrangler, Levi's and Lee in a medium wash.  Bonus points if they're a little distressed!

So tell us...Which piece would you want to be your "first time"?



  1. yay! what a great theme - I know there are definitely some people who need a little "easing in" to the vintage thing, so this is perfect. And I totally love that watch necklace!

    1. Thanks so much, Nikki! It was fun to brainstorm...and I put that necklace on my wishlist too!

  2. The cardigan or watch necklace would turn me from a vintage virgin into a vintage whore if I weren't already one. heehee

    1. BAhahahha...I was going to take the virgin metaphor much farther, but I thought I'd keep the post PG ("popping the vintage cherry" was a phrase that came to mind! ha!).

  3. A fisherman's sweater is big time on my hope-to-find list. Love these picks!



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