Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sister Style: Party Attire

Here's a little look at what we wore to our mom's surprise birthday party.  Since she was in the dark about what was going on, we knew she'd show up in casual we dressed accordingly!  Totally unintentional, but we both ended up wearing skinnies, boots, a graphic shirt with a layering piece on top (Amanda-a leopard print cardigan, Jayme- a denim vest) and a long necklace.  Our hair is super similar in these photos too, both in color and length (and side swept bangs)!  

top-UO (thrifted), leopard cardigan-(thrifted), black skinnies-Gap, suede boots-Aldo (Thrifted!), necklace c/o Blue Nile

vest:  Free People (formerly a jacket), shirt:  Gap, jeans: Gap, boots: Candies

We were running around, cooking, putting up decorations, etc. so we were both pretty thankful to be casual/comfortable--but with a little bit of dressy style thrown in.

Also (Amanda): I liked the outfit in person, but the shirt is wide/cropped, so I needed something to nip in at the waist more:  Lesson learned...I may be passing this top on to the teenage stepdaughters (or Jayme, if she wants it!). Oh well.

And I think that's the last of the birthday posts for now!  Holiday season is on its way and we have SO MANY fun blogs coming your way...



  1. Awww I like the cropped shirt and I think it looks great on you! It's definitely loose enough that you can tell it's supposed to be that way without looking like it's adding unwanted bulk. You guys both look beautiful and I bet your mom's party was so much fun! Making me miss my mommy. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Bren..still on the fence about the shirt, but yes, the party was great and it was so good to have a weekend with my mom!

  2. SISTER SISTER — beautiful ladies ! xo

    1. Guess what song I have in my if I could just remember all the words! (Sister, SISter!) ha. xo

  3. You two look gorgeous and happy birthday to your mama! She makes some beautiful babies! :) xo



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