Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Pinecone Garland + Mom's Surprise 50th

We did so many little projects to decorate for the party, and we wanted to share a few on the blog (Jayme made the garland last week, but couldn't reveal it was for the party because our Mom reads the blog!). This is another super-simple DIY for fall or winter that is extremely versatile--you can just the type of twine or paint colors--I plan on trying a glittery one for Christmas!

1.  Dip and paint ends of pinecones to about halfway. I used white for a neutral, but this would look so great in color too!
2. Start your line of string or twine with a looped knot (you will slide this over the top of the pinecone, so don't make it too small--or too large!)
3. Loop knot over pinecone and tuck under fronds.  
4.  Pull a little more twine out (decide on the space you want between the cones and keep it uniform) and tie another knot, adding another pinecone, etc. until you use all your pinecones.
5.  Cut 6-8 in. strings, enough for the number of pinecones you have + 2 for the ends.
4.  In each space along the string, tie a little bow with one of the twine pieces.
We ended up using this as a garland on the cake table at the party, rather than hanging it, but I plan on hanging it up on one of our windows for the holiday season!

Now, onto the photos of the big day...

We had such a great weekend, but it was definitely a little stressful, especially making and buying a lot of the party necessities ourselves (as well as keeping it all a surprise!).  Still, it is good experience for future parties...I think we learned a lot. :)



  1. Your mom looks like a million bucks, I never would have guessed she's 50. Glad the party was fabulous!

    1. Oh my goodness, I know...let's pray the genes carry on, although I'm pretty sure I already have more gray hairs than she does. NO FAIR!!!

  2. You all did such a wonderful job of decorating and keeping her surprised! It was a lot of fun. :)

    1. Thanks for all your help too--so glad you were there!

  3. Looks like a great party, I love all the little details. Happy belated to your mom!

    1. Thank you, Alison! It was a blast...good prep for planning Quentin's 50th in 3 (!) years!!! ;)



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