Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Considering that fact that Amanda and I (and our girls) have wardrobes that are 99% vintage/thrifted/DIY, it's no surprise that our little ones' Halloween costumes fit those criteria.  

Here's a look at their outfits-- Aurora as a cowgirl and Lyla as a kitty cat!

Aurora's singin' cowgirl costume........
Cowgirl hat- Gymboree/thrifted, $2
Vintage blouse- thrifted for $2
Vintage leather vest-thrifted for $5
Vintage skirt via MsTips on Etsy, $10
Cowgirl boots, $5
Mini guitar- her 2nd birthday gift from Mama and Dada

Despite the fact that every time I asked Lyla what she wanted to be for Halloween she would say "a cow!"...I convinced her that a cat would be a fun idea (she was a skunk last year and I didn't want another black and white costume).  
White hat and mittens: $1 each (Walmart)
DIY ears: hand sewn from a ruined cashmere sweater
Tights: $2.50 (Walmart)
DIY onesie (already owned): fabric glued spots cut from same sweater.
Eyes and nose- my own eye liner!

We think it is so much more fun to put together a homemade look, like these, rather than buy a costume straight from the store.  It also guarantees your little one's look will be one of kind!



  1. AHHHH! SO! CUTE! LOVE!!!!!! You two have the most beautiful little pumpkins EVER.

  2. goodness!!! How sweet in every way!

  3. These made me smile so big. :) The girls look like they love the costumes, and they sure look cute in them!

    Halloween is so much more fun with a kid to dress up with you! My daughter was just days old last Halloween, so we didn't do much, but this year, it's a family theme - woohoo! Hers is store-bought just for that reason, but I can't wait to make some in years to come. And no relief for our dogs even though we have our baby to dress up - they are going out in costume with us like always. [Evil laugh!]



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