Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shop Preview: Sister, Sister

Having a sister has been pretty much the best thing ever--a built in best friend with a closet full of clothes and drawers full of accessories and makeup to share.  We had our share of fights and years when we didn't talk or hang out as much as we wish we had, but now, even though we're three hours apart, we're closer than ever.  But unfortunately, we can't share a closet anymore...

I love finding "sister" pieces at the thrift...similar styles or prints that seem like they could've been worn by a fashionable pair of siblings (like Jayme and I?).  Our mom used to dress us like identical twins on occasion, but these pieces are more like...fraternal twins.

These pieces will be coming to the shop next week....get one for you (and your sister, if you have one!).

Which piece is your favorite?  I'm crushign so much on that blue plaid cape that I almost don't want to give it up!



  1. this is so funny. i am buying anything that's plaid or that has polka dots.nice finds, lasies! i also just ordered a cape (it's red) and I am super excited about it. i've never worn a cape. i'm 5'11 and I hope like i don't look like a huge red tree. i'll keep you posted.

    1. Plaid and polka dots are huge this season! Which, of course, I love! I had no idea you were 5'll--jealous!

  2. I want both of those capes! Sooo precious! My sister probably wouldn't wear either one, so I'd take both ;)


    1. ha! I love the capes too, but am still thinking about how to style them without looking too costume-y...



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