Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet Claire of Salvaged Love Jewelry

We did a giveaway with Claire's shop a year or two ago, and she was amazing to work with. So we got back in touch about partnering together, and Claire decided to be part o our blog for 3 whole months! So she gets her very own post. :)  She sells both her handmade jewelry and vintage, and she has a great eye.  We asked her some fun questions to get to know a little about the lady behind all the prettiness...

Claire of Salvaged Love

Three surprises about me...
1.  I'm the president of a nonprofit organization called the Billboard Art Project.
2.  I have not eaten meat in 20 years.
3.  One of my cats weighs 25 pounds, but he's not fat... he truly is big-boned!

Things I wear (almost) daily...
flip flops, lip gloss, tinted moisturizer with sunscreen

I feel my best in...
Jeans and a cute top. And the aforementioned flip flops.

My favorite decade for vintage:  Tough one! When it comes to jewelry & style  inspiration for Salvaged Love, I’d say 1960s. But I love the 80s!

Never have I ever...liked broccoli.

Current life soundtrack:
"Home"  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
"Where is My Mind?"  Pixies
"Neighborhood One--Tunnels" Arcade Fire

In my wildest dreams...I am a successful  jewelry designer, able to  support myself completely by my craft. 

We really believe Claire can make those dreams come true...check out her Etsy shop if you don't believe us.  Thanks, Claire, for partnering with us--we love having you here on the blog!

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