Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Five Ways to Wear Socks

I am someone who has always been big into accessorizing.  I don't have the most amazing wardrobe, but I do have a lot of great accessories that I use to spice up my outfits.  There's the typical--jewelry, scarves, purses.... but another fun accessory I've been trying out:  SOCKS!  Often times these poor little guys get hidden under pant legs or slid into shoes, never to see the light of day.  But why not let them show?  Here are 5 fun ways to show off your socks:

I think the easiest one (for me) is the slouchy socks with mid-calf boots.  This look works great over skinny jeans, but also can be paired with tights and shorts, or even bare legs and dress.  The scariest one for me to try?  The fold-over socks with flats/loafers.  I think it could be really sweet and girly, paired with a floral mini dress!

Which look would you be most apt try?  Which one would be a stretch for you?



  1. I like the mid claf with the boots but being that I have pretty athletic calves and legs, I cannot always get away with it all

    comme coco

    1. You could even try a to-the-knee boot and just have the sock peeking out a little bit!



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