Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Eats: Gluten Free (and Vegan!) Granola Bars

As we grow and expand this blog, we'll be adding some more of our everyday lives.  Amanda and I both love cooking and we both have unique "diets" (mine being gluten free and hers being vegan), so we are always creating and searching for new recipes. We'll be sharing some of our favorites here and there.  Hope you like it!

I love sweet breakfasts--pancakes, pastries, muffins....I've even been known to wake up and dive into a chocolate bar first thing in the morning.  Being gluten free doesn't mean that I can't have all those things, but the gluten free versions are a lot more pricey and not always as yummy.  These granola bars are gluten free--but without any weird (expensive) substitutes.  Six simple ingredients for a perfect grab and go, gluten free, and vegan breakfast or snack.

4 cups gluten free cereal (I chose rice krispies--the new Gluten Free ones!)
1 cup dried cranberries
1 1/2 cups slivered almonds
1 cup dark chocolate chips 
1 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup light corn syrup

step ONE
Melt together corn syrup and peanut butter in small saucepan.  Let heat for 5 minutes, until smooth.

step TWO
Mix together rice krispies, dried cranberries, almonds and chocolate chips.  Stir in peanut butter/corn syrup mixture.

step THREE
Pour into a GREASED cookie sheet and flatten with a spoon (be sure to get it pressed in really well, so that the bars stay together).

step FOUR
Cut into bars, sized to your liking/appetite! ( I cut mine into about 20 pieces.) Individually wrap in plastic wrap. 

*To keep these granola bars nice and fresh, keep a few days worth out and put the rest in a ziplock bag in the freezer and thaw out as you need them.

These bars are the perfect amount of chewiness and crunch!  A little healthier than a candy bar and definitely a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Also, it's Meatless Monday!  We hope to share recipes each Monday, and Amanda is instagramming her food throughout the day, every Monday, so you can get some ideas for how to go meatless (even one day a week makes  HUGE impact--read all about it here!) You can follow along with her @mandamiska on Instagram!



  1. Rice Krispies have malt, which I thought was made from barley, a gluten grain. Although I hear they have come up with a gluten free version. haven't seen it yet here though

    1. Just added a photo to the post, with the box of Gluten Free rice krispies, so it will be easy for you to recognize in the grocery store. : )

  2. I used the Gluten Free Rice Krispies (it is specifically labeled on front of the I think we're safe!). It is sold in the regular cereal isle at all of our local grocery stores.



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