Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Say Hi To Our September Partners

If you have not yet clicked on any of those pretty little pictures on our sidebar (aka our "partners") yet this month, here a few reasons to do so.  These ladies are all super cute, talented and cool.  In lieu of a boring summary about each, we just asked them some really important questions....


NICOLE of Rose Runs Wild

3 surprises about me...
1 - I have a tramp stamp. Ugh.
2 - I hate cooked fruit more than anything.
3 - I wish I had a crafty bone in my body and could whip up creative handmade goodies at the drop of a hat. 

Things I wear (almost) daily... a bracelet Logan made me over the summer, my engagement ring, my Etienne Aigner boots, a cozy scarf.

I feel my best in... jeans, boots, scarf, gray's t-shirt and a beanie. Also, I feel best in my home with my boys and pups. Nothing better. 

Favorite decade for vintage... 60's and 70's

Never have I ever... watched the God Father movies and I don't feel bad about it. 

Current life soundtrack: 
Scale It Back -- DJ Shadow
Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It -- Stars
Sunshine -- Little Dragon

In my wildest dreams... we would travel as a family (dogs included) all over the world, eat amazing food and have mind blowing experiences each and every summer. 


LAUREN of A Wild Tonic

3 surprises about me..
1- Though I LOVE traveling, I'm so afraid of flying. 
2- Even though it might not seem like it to other people, I'm incredibly organized. 
3- I wanted to work in art galleries after college, but switched to vintage soon after.

Things I wear (almost) daily... a dachshund ring and skull earrings from my boyfriend and a Tiffany ring from high school.

I feel my best in... skinny jeans and flats.

Favorite decade for vintage... Must I choose? ;)

Never have I ever... lived on my own.

Current life soundtrack: 
"California Dreamin'", "Born to Be Wild,"  and "Proud Mary" I've got road-trip fever!

In my wildest dreams... I'd love to own a vintage store!


MADDIE of Thriftary
3 surprises about me...
1- Balloons are my worst fear. 
2- I live in the city and own chickens.
3- I am usually going commando (aaaaaaaaaaah! secret's out!)

Things I wear (almost) daily... My vintage wedding ring set (high five, hubby), leopard flats, and my gold watch. Like a pimp.

I feel my best in... high heels. These stubby little legs owe all their sexiness to wedges and heels.

Favorite decade for vintage... You will find me in the 40s and 50s with my red lipstick, wavy curls and cat eye sunglasses. Thank you.

Never have I ever... Been to Europe... Workin' on it.

Current life soundtrack (2 or 3 songs to describe your life right now):
"Hey Ho" by The Lumineers
"Give a Little" by Hanson - Don't judge me until you listen. TELL ME you are not tapping your feet.
"Hard Way Home" Brandi Carlile

In my wildest dreams...
I will be living on a little farm with a zillion cute little kids resembling my handsome Burley husband, making artisan goat cheese, and living off a sustainable garden, while we run a bed and breakfast and homemades shop in town. Gah. Take me there. 


Thank you to these lovely ladies for partnering with us this month!


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