Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outfit Post: Rockraiser

My band got the chance to perform for a really good cause this past weekend, at one of my very favorite venues Virginia.  It was pretty surreal to be playing music on a stage where I have seen so many shows by artists I love!  We had a blast, and it's safe to say it was our best show ever to date...as well as my favorite performance outfit so far.

Here's a little peek into the evening and what I wore:

 Outfit details:  beret-vintage, dress-vintage (coming soon to the shop!), heels-thrifted, belt-vintage

My two biggest fans were there, and it was a decent crowd for a Sunday night, competing with football and the Emmy awards.  I felt a little bit like Ms. Joan Holloway, Christina Hendricks, here...complete with the curves.  I asked Q if the dress was too tight before we went out, and he said, "Noooo..." and gave me googly eyes.  So I kept it on, even though it made me a little anxious. In the end, I felt so good.  Moral of the story:  I think every woman needs a red beret and the perfect LBD and a great red lipstick. I swear, I felt so sexy that I wasn't even nervous. ;)

Oh, and we have some more berets (just not red...yet!) coming to the shop soon too!



  1. Such a cute outfit, gurl ! xo

    1. Thank you, thank you! I could totally see you in a red beret, but seems way too cliche for Paris. ;)

  2. You look adorable! Congrats on your show.

    1. Thank you SO much! I am really feeling the beret--I think it gave me some French confidence that I needed to be up there (this was only our 3rd or 4th show, and everywhere else has been a small crowd or coffee shop!)

  3. Replies
    1. Coming from you, stylish lady, that means a lot!! xo

  4. Congrats on a successful and fun show! I wish we were closer and life were less crazy to allow for sharing writing and face-to-face time, but I love reading the Miskabelle blog and am now dreaming about what kind of LBD I would need to feel awesome for a special event... you look great!

  5. congrats for the show. i like your outfit. :)

    Irene Wibowo



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