Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outfit Post: Something Old, Something New

Can I confess something?   These "outfit posts" make me feel quite silly sometimes.   The thing is,  I don't think I'm really fashionable (I love fashion but I'm not the greatest at partaking in trends, personally).  In fact, sometimes I look back at these posts and think "what the hell was I wearing??" But I do love being able to share how I put together an outfit, using vintage pieces and making them look updated.  And I love that can give a perspective of what it's like to have a wardrobe where virtually no new pieces are coming in (wah, I'm poor).  Sometimes it turns out cool.  Sometimes I look pretty lame.  And I suppose I'm fine with that (even if it is documented on the internet for all to see).


A couple of pieces here are making their second appearance on the Miskabelle blog.  The vintage blouse, first seen HERE and the lace cardigan thingy, seen HERE.  And though I just said that I'm sharing how I come up with outfits, consisting of no new pieces...I guess I lied.  The mocs are new (a gift for sharing My Minnetonka Story)!  I guess since I didn't buy them, that still kind of counts?  
(I don't know what I'm doing in that second picture....but I do know that I have the same 
uber-serious, I'm-trying-to-be-a-model expression in both.)

blouse: vintage, cardigan: DIY, jeans: Gap (thrifted.  Score!), moccasins:  Minnetonka Thunderbird

So pretty much, this is my monthly (ahem, there may be a common denominator there), self-deprecating outfit post.  Also, I was really COLD being outside in short sleeves for these photos--yay Fall!



  1. Well I love your style and you should own it! Love that blouse and vesty thing, super cute!


  2. Oh man - this is the CUTEST. Love the blouse!!! And love that the vest is DIY. And your braid. The BRAID. love all of it :)

  3. I love your outfit posts! And I especially love when you're acknowledging how weird outfit posts can be.

    1. Thank you! Yeah..I definitely feel like I needed to put that out there--I'm not posting pictures of myself because I think I have an awesome wardrobe or anything. It's just part of business (we sell vintage and we want people to buy it, so we're promoting it by wearing it, I guess?)!

  4. You look fabulous! Don't doubt yourself, lady! :)

  5. It boggles my mind that you don't think you're fashionable. Don't you remember me saying before that when you gals say something is stylish or even just have it in your shop, I don't have to question its stylishness? Does my expert opinion mean nothing to you? heehee ;)

    Personally, I see you as the queen of layering and accessorizing in ways I'd never come up with on my own but that totally work. I get a lot of inspiration from your outfits, believe it or not.



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