Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jayme!

Everyone please wish Jayme a happy birthday!
 (@jaymeMiskabelle on Twitter...or a comment is good! ;)

In the spirit of growing older, I wanted to share some photos of the two of us...vintage photos. Only appropriate for this blog, right?

 Mom liked to dress us alike...even in matching floral jumpsuits and/or sweater vests 
and/or mullets.
We have had some pretty good some pretty bad clothes (except those Halloween costumes, which ROCKED!)

It's times like these that living far away from my sister is the worst--I just want to have a big family dinner followed by cake and lots of presents to celebrate my best friend in the world.  

I love you, Jaym, and hope you have a fantastic day! You are so talented, hard working, loving, creative and all around awesome. I'm so lucky to call you my sister.  It's the big 2-9...sometimes it feels like we're still just 8 and 9 years old, playing with Barbie dolls...the only difference is that they're mannequins in cool vintage duds.   ;)



  1. THANK YOU SIS!!! Nothing like starting your birthday by shedding a few tears...hahaha. I love you!

  2. Happy birthday Jayme!! I hope that you have an amazing birthday!! Lots of love! xo

  3. happy bday. Great blog
    Claudia thenunneryvintage

  4. Happy happy birthday! This post is so sweet! :)

  5. I must say, for a second I had to check a 1st grade yearbook of the small private school I attended to see if Jayme was a girl I went to school with with the same name, because she looked sooooo much the same. . .and I'll be 29 in Nov. so it wouldn't have surprised me at all, but her name was spelled differently and I doubt you ever lived in NJ, though many people from here move there. It was odd though how similar you looked to her! Anyway, great old pictures, and happy birthday!

  6. Happy (a few days late) Birthday, Jayme! Also, would you have ever doubted that you'd end up working in fashion based on the above? :)



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