Monday, August 6, 2012

Transitions: The Vintage Sundress

Dresses tend to be one of the big items we look for when thrifting---and vintage dresses also tend to be one of our best sellers.  They are also something that I wear pretty regularly (I have a whole closet full of my own, not to mention what I have in our shop inventory!)

What's great about vintage dresses (like these cute ones from ASOS Marketplace)?  They're relatively inexpensive. They're unique. And you can easily take them from one season to the next.

I know that in this heat, it's hard to imagine ever wearing a cardigan or jacket again, but when it does finally cool off--after singing and dancing for joy--I still plan on wearing some of my favorite sundresses, with the easy addition of a vintage cardigan or blazer!

(I'm in love with that polka dot number! How great would it look with a bright red dress?)

What are your favorite ways to wear vintage dresses in the cool weather? I'm personally a HUGE fan of adding tights and boots to everything. 


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