Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Music to Our Eyes: Kimbra

Most Americans' first glimpse of this pretty lady was probably in the nude (and a little paint) in the viral video for Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know.  But she's more than just a scorned ex to Gotye's jilted lover:  she makes music of her own. And it's really good.  It's hard to pinpoint a genre, as it's influenced by a variety of musical styles, depending on the song. And the same can be said of Kimbra's personal style:  it's all over the place, but that's a good thing.

Kimbra has a bright and quirky style with a lot of textures and frequently an element of surprise in any outfit (a great lesson in style!).  Her looks definitely incorporate a lot of vintage pieces and cuts, so Etsy was a great place to recreate some of her original outfits on a dime!

I love how Kimbra's looks incorporate very classic pieces that almost anyone has in their closet, but she gives them a flair all her own. 

But don't just look: give her a listen too (if you haven't already, I recommend Settle Down as a track to start with!).



  1. Love this! So many fantastic finds. Thanks for including my vintage collared babydoll dress.

    1. so glad you like it! thanks for stopping by the blog too! xo

  2. I loooooove everything about Kimbra. She's the coolest.

  3. AGREED. I am also in love with her hair and seriously tempted (even though I'm growing mine out).

  4. Gah. She is coming to Denver soon. Really hoping to score some tickets. "I wanna settle down" is one of my favorite running jams :)



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