Friday, August 24, 2012

Call for Partners

Hello friends and readers:

We have so many exciting things happening for our shop and blog in the upcoming months. Our traffic has almost doubled in the last three months, and our vintage shop is approaching its 1200th sale.  We are excited about opening up our blog to Partners for the first time ever. We are starting out with super reasonable rates and no more than 10 ads total each month, with only one large featured ad.  We would love to work with other vintage fashion blogs and shops, handmade shops and small businesses that we know our readers will love.  We already have several amazing shops/blogs that we are thrilled to be working with!

Why should you partner with us?

1.  We genuinely want to form partnerships and relationships.  

While we would also like to make a little money from the blog we work so hard on, that's not our top priority.  We want to build community and support other creatives who are just like us.  We know you want to get noticed. We know you want to make a living doing what you love.  We know you want to work with like-minded people. 

2.  We have had our own experiences with purchasing ads, both positive and negative, and we want to use that knowledge make your experience as awesome as possible.

Some things we didn't like in the past:
-The blogger or business is only interested in conversing with us during the month of the purchase ad, and then it's as though we no longer exist to them.
-Our ad getting lost in a sea of a million sidebar ads.
-Our ad image being the only promotion done (no blog posts, tweets, Pinterest pins, FB mentions).

It goes without saying that we're making sure none of these issues happen with our Partners.  Our ads include frequent social media mentions and true collaborations, not just a one sided ad purchase.  You pay us for the ad, so in our minds:  we're working for you!  Not the other way around (although partnerships should be just that: mutually beneficial).  Each month we will also be using a portion of our advertising budget to advertise on a highly trafficked blog, in order to bring even more readers over to see your ad.  And the money we make from selling ads will simply go back into the shop and blog to make them bigger and better.

We are beginning our ads in September of 2012. We would love your support and community, and we hope to return the favor!  We are using Passionfruitads, which makes it super easy to buy and upload an ad.  You can find all of our rates and info here.  We'd love to have you here.

Amanda and Jayme

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