Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Thrift Adventure at the Beach

Hello, lovely readers!  I am at the beach in NJ this week with the fam, but I never miss an opportunity for an out-of-town thrift. I have thrifted here two times before and had great luck.

While I found a few good pieces, this wasn't a very good trip. I was definitely disappointed in my haul.  We're trying to stock up on fall pieces for the shop (we've got tons of shoes and bags, but need to get some cool weather dresses, tops, etc.).  I found one dress and a couple pieces of jewelry, but that was it.  I found a few other small treasures that made me feel a little happier, but I was definitely bummed. One little pick-me-up was that two of the girls at the shop stopped me to tell me that I was cute--at first, I thought they were talking about Aurora! But they loved my lipstick/outfit/tattoos, etc.  Nothing like a compliment to get your in better spirits, am I right? And my sweet, patient Q (who wrestled Aurora throughout the aisles) promised we'd do a road trip around some of our favorite VA spots in a few weeks to make up for it.

Here is a little pictorial of our short-lived adventure:

Poncho was the find of the day--I also got the ottoman for $20, so I am not complaining.  And this early 60s coloring book was fun to look at. I might frame it for Aurora's room.

So, that was our thrifting trip. Disappointing--we would have rather been at the beach all afternoon.  But at least we got a couple of treasures out of it.  Fingers crossed we can still get all our stuff home in the car on Sunday...

I'm hoping to visit a few antique stores around the area to see if I fare any better. I have rarely found clothes in antique stores, but I hear about other people finding great things all the time, so we'll see.  I'm on the hunt for a new brooch (I really want an anchor!) and some vintage drinking glasses to replace two special ones that recently broke at home.

Wish me luck! 



  1. You found some great things! :) Good luck replacing your glasses. I too rarely find clothing at antique stores, but I haven't given up on them quite yet!

    1. Thank you! I haven't gone yet, but hoping to find the time in our last two days here. I always hope to spy a vintage clothing item, but it's definitely rare, at least around these parts (seems more likely in midwestern towns that East coast cities!)

      Hope you're having a great week! xo

  2. ohwhat I would pass away from extreme nirvana if I got to check out that thrift shop. SO lovely!!

    1. I just took pics of the good stuff! There was a lot of junky stuff to wade through...but I guess that's part of the fun!! Xo

  3. You're in NJ? What town? Great finds, btw. :)

    1. I forgot you are an NJ gal! We have been in Cape May this husband's family does vacay here every year! Are you anywhere closeby? Tomorrow is our last day but we come up other times throughout the year!



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