Tuesday, July 3, 2012

West Virginia Weekend (image heavy)

Here are a few a ton of pictures from our weekend in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (which just so happens to be the exact middle point between Amanda's Virginia town and my Central Pennsylvania home!).  We pretty much spent the weekend walking around town, eating lots of food and swimming a bit at the lake.

We always have to find the local thrift store wherever we visit!  We found lots of vintage good-ness that will make its way into the shop in the weeks to come.

The babies were decked out in vintage-- Lyla, a 1970s handmade sunsuit and Aurora wore a tie back tank from the 1970s or 1980s.  I pretty much died when we asked Aurora to say cheese and she put her hands on her hips to pose for the photo!  Wonder where she got that idea? ; )

This is Lyla's best "blogger" pose.  Not as amazing as Aurora's hands-on-hips...but she's got the white backdrop going for her and her vintage playsuit and sandals (Saltwater knock-offs!) are pretty snazzy.

All the girlies, minus Lyla, had black and white bathing suits.  I love this picture!



Probably the best part of the trip was watching these two play and interact.  Here they're wearing vintage Mexican sundresses (!).

If you've made it this far....Thanks for taking a peek at our vacation!  We were thankful for the sister time and of course had business chat throughout the weekend.  Lots of exciting things going on around here!  Hope you stick around to see.  : )


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