Monday, July 9, 2012

Outfit Post: Sister Style

I feel like lately, Amanda and I have each been really hitting our strides in terms of personal style.  Throughout high school and college, I think we both often jumped on trends and tried to wear what was "cool" (even if that meant bib overalls or matching sweater sets, ick).  But with age, and I'll even say motherhood, you start to learn to be yourself.  You wear what you are comfortable in and what looks good on you.  I don't really care if anyone else considers my clothes "stylish", I just want to be my own person.  And I think Amanda would certainly say the same.  Our styles are certainly different from one another but we can still take inspiration from the same things....

We have extra special inspiration for this set of posts, as we are so excited to be working with Blue Nile to dress up and review some of their newest samples (which are not even available online yet!). This is an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK for fashion bloggers, and we feel so lucky to be part of it!

Most of you probably know Blue Nile from their diamonds (just admit you played with the app and sent a link to your honey), but they also have a lot of other beautiful jewelry.  Here is a look from each of us, wearing a gold chain and gemstone necklace in varying colors, but executed in our own ways:

Photobucketon Amanda:  dress- Cynthia Rowley (thrifted!), heels-Michael Kors via DSW, amethyst and carnelian neckace- c/o Blue Nile, studded bracelet-old/random, purse-vintage



on Jayme:  headband=leather string+vintage feather brooch, white dress- old/unknown (probably Ross?), cowboy boots-  vintage, smoky quartz and white agate neckace- c/o Blue Nile, multi-tonal beaded necklace- Silpada, gold chain and gemstone bracelet- c/o Blue Nile, rings- vintage

We come from a family of jewelers (as we probably mentioned before) and have always loved accessorizing. While we each have some nice family heirloom jewelry, we tend to wear a lot of cheap costume jewelry. We almost forgot what real jewelry was like!  When we received these beautiful pieces from Blue Nile in the mail, it was easy to see the difference.  They really sparkle, and the craftsmanship is obvious, down to the pretty toggle clasp.  The gemstones are clear and perfectly cut.  Simply put:  we were both in love! 

We have a few more posts to come in this series, with more pretty sister looks and more pretty baubles from Blue Nile!


>>>This is a style up/review of Blue Nile jewelry.  Blue Nile sent us several pieces each to blog about and share with you.  Our review is our honest opinion, which we have not been paid for. Blue Nile has provided us each with one beautiful piece of jewelry to keep in return for this style series.<<<


  1. Gorgeous! My engagement diamond is from Blue Nile so it's fun to see these other jewelry pieces in action.

  2. Nice jewellery



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