Friday, June 8, 2012

Modern Vintage, v.1

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As Amanda talked about in yesterday's post, the one downfall of vintage is that you can't always find exactly what you want in the size you need (or color, or length, or pristine condition, etc.).  In those tough times (#firstworldproblems) we turn to modern day shops' vintage inspired pieces.   I suppose you could call them replicas.  The idea is vintage but the fabric itself is new.  And with a point and a click you can purchase the new version of your dream thrift find.  Otherwise known as modern vintage.

Here are three outfits, each based around a day dress, each from a different decade....pieces that we would daydream of finding at the thrift store but are willing to settle for the modern day knock offs because they are just that pretty.  Oh, and even when we're not shopping thrift stores we're still thrifty.  All pieces are under $50!!

SHOP:  glassesflatsdress  

SHOP:  dressshoes, bag

SHOP:  hatplatformsdress 

We'll be sharing more of these modern vintage looks in the weeks to come.  If you have a specific occasion and/or decade in mind, we will be glad to do your personal shopping!  ; )  Just leave us a comment below.




  1. oooh that wide brim hat is the bomb! and those blue loafers!

  2. Thank you, gorgeous! Happy weekend!!!



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