Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Revamped Virginia Studio

It's finally (almost) done but I couldn't wait to share any longer.  I have been writing, measuring, blogging, singing, reading, and lounging in my studio for about two weeks now, and I couldn't be more in love with this Room of My Own.

Before I show you the final photos, here's a little reminder of what it used to look like (how I got anything done in this awful room, I will never know):

And now, may I present the brightly colored, completely redone (all on our own!) Virginia studio:

I am completely in love, and so thankful to my beyond-amazing husband who did so much of this work himself!  He designed the whole desk/pegboard area, using reclaimed closet doors (yay for upcycling!), built all the shelves, hand cut and stained the floor trim, and helped me paint, clean and do a lot of heavy lifting.  This room wouldn't have been possible without him and his endless patience for me as I browsed for the perfect light/rug/table/etc. Having someone who not only supports your dreams, but does everything in his power to make them happen is the key to a fulfilling life (in my humble opinion). I love you, Q!

For everything in the room, all the paint, wood, etc. we spent less than $550. This included all new flooring, paint, trim, two industrial rolling racks, shelving, pegboard, furniture, and almost all the accessories.  Of course, the cost of labor was $0 since this was most definitely a labor of love.

I am still waiting to purchase some wall hooks/hangers for the vintage purses in the studio, which will go on the back wall where the single purse is hanging--we are hoping to do vintage hooks or vintage doorknobs.  I'll post an update once it's really, really done.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!  My new space has already made me way more productive and happy, and I hope I can spread that on to you. :)



  1. WOW!!! This looks amazing! What a great space!

  2. :) oo :)

    says emily, aka anonymous

  3. Looks amazing! Very impressive! - April



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