Thursday, April 5, 2012

Outfit Post: On the Daily

Okay, so this outfit is nothing to write home about....but it is what I wear at home.  Wait.  That's a lie.  Take off the jacket and the jewelry and that's what I wear at home.  My daily uniform of jeans and a sweater.  This just happens to be one of my favorite sweaters (and no, it's not vintage...).  It's the perfect slouchy fit and one of about 10 grey tops that I own.  The denim jacket is an old favorite as well (let's be honest, I only put it on today to drive the baby around in the car to get her to take a nap).

I love the little bow on top of my head--I tied the scarf in a knot at top then tucked the ends in and pulled out just a bit of it to make the little bow.  A happy accident.

And last but not least, super old jeans and my grubby minnetonka booties.  But I can't help it--I like it!

sweater:  Gap outlet (a linen/cotton blend that is SO perfect), necklace:  Charlotte Russe (on clearance for $2!  I guess people don't know cool when they see it), jeans:  Free People (from 2007..eek), boots:  Minnetonka, head scarf:  vintage

So this me on the daily (ok...on a pretty good day ; ).


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