Monday, April 16, 2012

Outfit Post: The Long and Short of It

Once upon a time a girl walked into a thrift store and spotted the perfect little tank top-- 90's style, rayon floral print, cropped, buttons up the front.  It was perfection!  Definitely a piece to purchase for in her etsy shop.  The girl took the top home and when it came time to photograph it she pulled it out of the shopping bag and realized:  this wasn't a crop top at all.  It was a former dress that someone sloppily hacked off the bottom of, and not worthy of selling.  But she could not part with the pretty floral frock, so she decided to keep it for her personal wardrobe.

That girl was me and here is how I wore it:

In hindsight, I wish I had the frayed edge tucked under the belt so it didn't look so sloppy.  
But I really love how this little top spruced up my old bandeau top maxi dress.

I make some goofy faces at my kid!  Here I am, looking like a crazy person, 
trying to convince her to go down her little slide (and a good shot of my shoes!)...
top: vintage, belt: vintage, dress: old (Ross?), shoes: Deena and Ozzy (usually
 sold at Urban Outfitters but I got them at a discount store for $4.99!! Score!)

Lyla is sporting some vintage sandals (they look like Saltwaters, huh?  
But they're not!) and a super cute top from one of her doting aunties!

So yeah, me and my little crop top lived happily ever after.  The end.



  1. You look so chic on that outfit. It doesn't even look like it's recycled because it's like one of those dresses that are displayed on the popular clothing manufacturers' shop. Great job!

  2. You look amazing :) this tank top dress was made for you! xx



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