Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrity Looks For Less

It's that time again...where I covet a celebrity's expensive wardrobe and then realize I could pull together the same look with pieces that we have in the shop!
It's no secret that I love Elizabeth Olsen's style (I used her in these posts multiple times).  Here she is wearing an unexpected combo that somehow just works.

1.  Biker vest, $35
2.  Black handbag, $12
3.  White blouse, $16
4.  Lace up brogues, $24

Add some skinny cords and a fedora and you've got the look!

In other celebrity style news, I came across this look on Jennifer Lawrence that looked awfully familiar...

Seen on Amanda in her Friday outfit post!

These posts remind me of why I love vintage:  you can wear trends and find unique pieces on the CHEAP.  And often times the vintage/used versions are even better than the expensive new versions.  My husband doesn't call be B-squared* for nothing.


*B-squared stands for "Bargain Bitch".  And he means it in the most loving way possible, I promise! ; )

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