Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shop Preview: Easter Eggs

I had my first in-person buying experience this weekend. One of Q's patients and his wife, an older retired couple, were getting rid of some stuff, including some piles of clothes.  Q mentioned I bought/sold vintage, so they invited us over to check it out.  The woman worked in an office in the early 60s (yes, Mad Men time) and had a lot of great officewear pieces, as well as a few other special things.  I left a lot there, especially a lot of wool/winter things, but I took every pastel piece they had.  And here are a few peeks of some things coming to the shop in the next few days:

 Nude Pink Dress with Jacket/Original Leather Belt by Kimberly (Size Medium), Mint Green 3 piece outfit with suit, bow blouse, and jacket by Miss Cosmopolitan (Size Medium)
Silk/Rayon blend sweater (Size Small/Medium), Peach Silk Blouse (Size Medium/10), 1940s/50s cropped coral top

And there's much more where that came from!  We've been steadily stocking the shop, so you should come take a look!


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