Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outfit Post: Gray Skies and Spring Foliage

I am a sucker for a good worn-in, ripped up pair of jeans and a soft t-shirt.   Okay, so I kinda feel like a cheater because I did purchase these jeans already-worn in/ripped up.  My mom would be appalled at how much I paid.  I remember her even being apprehensive to purchasing distressed wash denim when it first started being a trend.   As for the is not vintage, but it is a hand-me-down from Amanda with a cool story:  she wore it to a Jonatha Brook concert we had front row tickets for and when Jonatha came out on stage she noticed the French writing on it and asked Amanda "Do you speak French?" (in French) and Amanda responded (in French) "yes, a little" and she asked what her shirt said (It says "Nous sommes les fabricants de Musique" which means "we are the music makers").  

So.  Here is my take on those two pieces, dressed up.
Button up shirt underneath, lots of jewelry and sky high black wedges.
(Be warned I went a bit overboard on photos in this post--YAY for pretty spring foliage!!  Finally a pretty backdrop!)

button up blouse:  vintage Brooks Brothers (mens, I think!), t-shirt:  super old Urban Outfitters, 
jeans:  Paige, shoes:  Xmas gift from Amanda, jewelry:  mix of vintage and randoms, purse: vintage


Maybe a bit overboard on the accessories?...nah.

....and I couldn't resist sharing some of these of Lyla.  I consider her somewhat of a tomboy (she loves playing rough, getting dirty, etc.) but she is a sucker for a good purse or bracelet!  Oh, and her sweater is vintage (it was mine when I was a baby!).

And I have a confession:  after walking outside to take these photos, I realized that chasing a one year old is not conducive with wearing 4 inch heels.  So I changed into my trusty black flats.  
The life of a mom....


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