Monday, February 6, 2012

Outfit Post: Purple

I was in the mood to wear a skirt this weekend, however, we were going to get our taxes done and I feel like all my skirts were too short and flirty for such a serious occasion.  So I pulled out a dress of a more appropriate length and topped it with my favorite vintage sweater.  Both purple, yes.  But do they look great together?  Not quite.  But alas, we had an appointment to get to and I was stuck.
To redeem the look, I decided to forgo the usual foliage-in-our-yard backdrop and find something cooler.  This old blue building did the trick.  Here I am in various stages of coat-on and closed, coat-open, coat-off.
Hey, squinty eyes.

Pet peeve:  people who constantly pose with their hand on their hip (because yes, we get it, it does make
your arm look thinner).    I promise, I am just trying to show off my awesome ring here.

The face I make when I start to feel awkward that my husband is taking photos of me in front
of a random building (that I think was a locksmith or something).

sweater: vintage, dress: Michael Stars (via discount store),  jacket: old/unknown,
boots:  Frye (thrifted!), belt:  Loft (via discount store)

Funny thing looking at these photos, that dress isn't even all that long.  So yeah, I'm really glad I didn't wear any of my skirts that are even shorter.  Adding to my list of things to look for next time I'm thrifting:  tax-appropriate length skirts.


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