Friday, December 16, 2011

Shop The Looks: Office Party

It's that time of year again...if you or your significant other works in an office or company, chances are, you'll be invited to a holiday party. In fact, I'm going to Q's party tonight (those outfit photos coming next week!). Here are three head to toe vintage looks we put together for however swanky (or not) your work celebration may be!

Maybe you're just milling around the conference room or maybe you're having a beer at the boss's house.  You can still be casual in a dress (especially this sweet chambray one!).

Put on this 50s number and some 60s kitten heels and you'll be ready to dance! Or, you know, enjoy the open bar while you can.

If you or your spouse works somewhere that pulls out all the stops for their yearly holiday shindig: congrats!  This iridescent dress paired with sparkly gold shoes and a clutch is SO glamorous!



Chambray Dress, $27
70s Belted Cardigan, $23
Knee High Boots, $23

Cocktail Hour
50s novelty print dress, $98
60s mod bow heels, $24
Black Beaded Clutch, $18

Fancy Schmancy
Iridescent 50s Sweetheart Party Dress, $125
Gold Sequined Heels, $33
Gold Rectangle Clutch, $10


  1. I love the first look! Also, those sequin shoes and the clutch are amazing!

  2. Thank you, ladies!! Happy Holidays--hope you have some fun things to get all gussied up for! xo

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