Monday, October 24, 2011

Outfit Post: Plain Jane

Not all outfits are winners.  We all have days we just throw on jeans and a top, without much thought (or at least I like to think we all do...).  These photos are from a little visit to Virginia to see Amanda last week (actually it was to see Hanson, but I got to see Amanda by default.  More on that, on the Miskabelly blog!).  I didn't have much time to pack and I had thrown in jeans and a top that I ended up hating.  So Amanda gave me this little sweater to wear and keep (score!).  My fringy minnetonka boots have been my winter go-to the past two years, and it looks like this year will be the same.  Top off my dirty hair with a slouchy hat and throw on my trusty cross body bag and we have the best possible outfit I could come up with despite my lack of good packing skills.

hat-H&M, sweater-Anthropologie, belt-vintage (borrowed from Amanda),
 jeans-cheapos from Ross (no, I didn't mean 'Cheap Monday'...I meant, some cheap, 
unknown brand), boots-Minnetonka, purse-vintage, hot pink paper wristband- a token from 
the night before at the Hanson concert (woot!)

Let me preface this photo by saying--I know this is a cheesy and cliche blogger pose.  It is also hilarious and so Amanda insisted I share the photo.  I only wish I'd kept a straight face.  Those jumping, model-pout shots are priceless.

Feel free to roll your eyes now.  (That's what I do.)


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  1. I hate when I don't like whatever it is I packed to wear. Good thing you had a friend to treat you to some cute clothes!!



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