Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit Post: By Request

My first memories of vintage being "cool" were in 9th grade.  My friend Sandi would frequent our local vintage boutique (called Rag n' Bone) for quirky pieces.  I particularly remember one little tank top she had from the 70s that read: "The smaller the grapes, the sweeter the wine."  I think we thought it was some kind of sexual innuendo?  If so, it didn't make much sense....right?

Recently Sandi purchased this pretty little black and white vintage dress but then decided the sleeves were just a bit too puffy for everyday wear.  So she gifted it to Miskabelle to sell in the shop!  But first, she wanted to see it styled up.  Per Sandi's vision--with curly hair and red accessories.  I didn't have red shoes, so a red hat and belt will have to do!

beanie hat- Gap. dress-vintage, stretch belt- vintage, grey cross body purse-vintage, shoes-Nine West

The sleeves definitely make a statement--but an adorable one at that!  This dress will carry over perfectly into fall and winter, paired with some thick tights and ankle booties.  Look for it in the shop soon!



  1. SO GOOD! Ahhhhhhh. I'm feeling a sisterly photo shoot coming on...

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  3. This dress is gorgeous! I love drama and a nipped in waist -- I will be keeping my eyes open for this dress!

    Stitching in Circles

  4. This dress is sooo cute. I love the hat and belt too! -DCGF



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