Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Outfit Post: Miss Match-y

I often seem to find myself accessorizing in a very "match-y" sort of way.  I guess I just can't resist making use of the happy coincidence of owning two items in the same bold color.  Case and point?  This blue, white and grass green houndstooth skirt paired with a blue and white top and grass green belt.  At least I'm mixing prints, right?

jacket-Levi's (old...but not yet vintage!), striped tank top (also just...old.),
houndstooth skirt-vintage, flats-vintage, belt-Gap, bag-Target

My match-y mind is kind of annoyed with the silver buttons on my
jacket paired with the brass hardware on my belt...eek!

This skirt belonged to my great aunt--it was made by her mom (my great grandma) and has a matching jacket.  I'm not really a "suit" type of girl so I don't think I'd ever wear them together (I mean, there's matchy and then there's matchy*) but I could totally see myself pairing the jacket over a dress (perhaps in navy? and perhaps belted with this same green belt?...I can't resist!).  I'll save that for another outfit post.


* But I'm sure that my Great Aunt Janie looked totally adorable in the matching set!  I get that that was the style of this decade (the 70s)!  And that is what I love doing with vintage pieces-- updating them for the current day.  Pairing old and new.


  1. You are one of the prettiest fashion bloggers I've ever seen, and why people don't comment on our blog is really a mystery to me.

    See you in less than a week! Many more photos to be taken! xo

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