Friday, September 9, 2011

Outfit Post: Cherry on Top

I must admit--I wore this outfit to a coffee date with a friend and originally did not think it was really 'outfit post worthy.'  Ripped up jeans, an old t-shirt and a cardigan isn't the most interesting combination, but add some cherry red lips and a mustard yellow beret and the outfit instantly has some pop!  We found this beret while antiquing over the weekend and it will soon be for sale in the shop (it is an actual FRENCH beret and in perfect condition....and the rich mustard yellow color is to die for!  Email us if you'd like first dibs--I think we'll price it around $25).  {Just realized my shirt says "New Orleans French Quarters" and I paired it with a French beret!  Um, I mean, I totally did that on purpose.} I am super pumped to start wearing hats--though I'm afraid it will give me even more of an excuse to skip washing my hair on days I'm extra tired from being up all night with an 8 month old.  I definitely feel much more fashionable during fall/winter because scarves and hats can pretty much make any ol' outfit look cool.  Red lips have the same effect but when I try wearing them I just don't feel like myself for some reason.  So hats and scarves it is.  What's your go-to for making a boring outfit look "cool"?

beret-vintage, tshirt-vintage, cardigan-old/unknown!, purse-vintage, jeans-Paige, flats-Banana Republic

Also--I have a confession:  I found my first gray hair over the weekend.  So of course I immediately went out and bought a box of hair dye.  So while everyone is updating their hair color for fall, I pretty much just did it out of necessity (yes it is necessary not to have gray hairs at age 27).

Hope all my fellow east-coasters are staying safe in lieu of all the rains and flooding.



  1. Love those colors on you! I wish mustard yellow worked for me. I completely agree about feeling more fashionable in the Fall. I'm dying to slip on some jeans, but alas the weather just hasn't allowed that yet down here in VA.

  2. Favorite part of this look: I LOVE YOU IN THAT LIPSTICK!!

    Next favorite part: the beret!

    Next: all the rest combined!

    I just love this look overall. Perfect for out and about.

    Oh, and I found my first gray hair in high school. lol I get one every now and then. I bet it's not that uncommon; we just have dark brown hair, so they're easier to spot!



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