Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outfit Post: Black and White and Blonde

First things first:  

Happy Birthday to my awesome sister and business partner, Jayme!
Thank you for your attention to this very important message. :)

Finally!  Here is my first outfit post with new hair...I'm not sure it looks all that different (until I look at past photos). It's a strawberry blonde with some golden blonde tones.  And it took 3 tries. Yes, terrifyingly, I did it myself!  But I have extremely thick hair, so I usually have a pretty positive experience with colors.  Of course, if it turned out green or flourescent orange, I would have gone to see a professional.

I am getting really excited as my fall/winter wardrobe comes together...we have several large bags of clothes on our porch this morning, waiting to be picked up by Purple Heart (you can set up the date of the pickup and they come and get your stuff! So convenient!). I only pulled 1 or 2 things out as I closed the bags (shoes!), which is saying a lot for me.

I had a fantastic morning yesterday catching up with an old friend over breakfast, but by the time we knew it, it was one o'clock! I had to run to the post office and to pick up some hangers and do one last perusal of my thrift that's having a 50% off sale (score!).  It was way hotter than I expected, so I actually changed into this outfit after errands.  I picked up some groceries and dinner.

blouse-vintage, skirt-Silence&Noise (thrifted), necklace-vintage, harness boots-Durango

I hope to have a better shot of the hair (down) later this week...and some more outfits as the weather cools down!  In the meantime, we have some KILLER shop updates to usher in those cold evenings.



  1. So lovely Amanda — the outfit & hair ! xo

  2. LOVE IT!!!! The color, the bangs, and the polka dots ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Perfect for Fall!

  3. Hearing these compliments from three gorgeous, stylish ladies made my day!!! xoxo



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