Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outfit Post: Beach Casual

Hello! It's Amanda. And we're at the beach. 

A girl could get used to this...

I brought mostly bathing suits, cover-ups and comfy clothes...but that doesn't mean I'm not still attempting to look cute here on vacay!

This is what I wore to the beach today...we had perfect weather and Aurora finally got brave and went into the water!  After that, we couldn't get her out!  She turned into a sweet little chattering prune, but she loved every minute of it.

I steal this t-shirt from Q pretty regularly, so it's basically become mine.  Vintage concert tees are at a premium, and I love this Replacements one so much (I suppose vintage concert tee hand-me-downs are an advantage of marrying someone a bit older! ha).  It's perfectly worn in, slightly sheer, and long--I knotted it and rolled the sleeves to make it a great beach top cover up.

Fedora-Target, Sunnies-UO, tee-vintage, terry skirt-American Apparel via Loehmanns, flip flops-Havianas (gift from Jayme!)

She gets her good looks from her mama...can you tell? ;)

We are having the best time! It rained our first day and there's a lot of potential rain in the forecast, but we've seen mostly clear blue skies.  Q and I have done a bike ride every morning, I've been enjoying delicious vegan foods, and there's a lot of laughter here at the house.  I could do worse when it comes to in-laws!

No more work--it's time to play!  Be back to reality all too soon...




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